Utility model

Every new idea can enjoy protection as a utility model as long as it applies to the formation, structure or arrangement of an object and also if it involves an inventive activity and are susceptible of industrial application. Novelty is not interpreted as an absolute worldwide term. Only written description and domestical use are comprised in the state of the art. In case of successful application the protection is granted from the date of filing. The time endures 10 years.

We request for filing a utility model application the followings:

  • actual description, claims, drawings,
  • certified priority copy
  • English (or German) translation of the priority copy,
  • signed Power of Attorney, without legalization.

We request for urgent filing:

  • actual description, claims, drawings

We have to file the application in Hungarian. We can file the translation, the priority copy, and the power of attorney later.

Protection can only be obtained for products and instruments for a period of ten years. It can not be renewed after termination. The procedure is more simple as there is no substantial examination.

The procedure of the Hungarian Patent Office

The procedure of the Hungarian Patent Office

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