György Pintz

György (Georg) PINTZ

Managing Attorney
European Patent and Trademark Attorney
President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Association

Born in Budapest (HU), a graduate of the Technical University Budapest, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering. He worked several years in engineering, representing manufacturers in different branches of industry. He is the inventor of several inventions. He earned a M.S. degree in economics and worked as management consultant on the field of technical development and protection of intellectual property. He is a European-Engineer (degree of Feani, Brussels). He is married and has four children. Hobbies: table tennis, skiing, alpinism. Languages: Hungarian, English, German. He is a registered Hungarian Patent Attorney since 1983. His degree in patent law earned at ELTE University of Science, Faculty of Law in 1986. He is an expert in patent and trademark law. He is a lecturer of protection of IP rights at PPKE University Budapest, Faculty of Law, and co-author of the university-published textbook “Intellectual Property Law”. He is a European Patent Attorney and a European Trademark and Design Attorney. He was a member of the Hungarian IP Protection Council (Advisory Board of the Hungarian Patent Office). He is the vice president of the Consulting Body of Hungarian Internet Providers; and  member of the Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright; Hungarian Trademark Association; AIPPI, INTA and other international organizations. He is the president of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Association. He was the first Hungarian expert who was invited to the EPO Standing Advisory Committee.

Ernő Szarka


European Patent Attorney
Former Head of the
Hungarian Patent Office

He is a Chemical Engineer and a Pharmaceutical and Food Industrial Engineer. He worked for several years for the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Before becoming the Head of the Hungarian Patent Office (1993-1997) he was the Chief of the Biotechnological Department. He also held a Deputy Under-Secretary of State position during that time. He used to be the Deputy Chairman for the Hague Agreement and for the Nice Agreement and is a biotechnological expert of WIPO and UPOV .A great national honour has been conferred upon him as a recognition of his expertise. He is the chief editor of the Hungarian Handbook of IP Rights and co-author of the book titled The Protection of Biotechnological Inventions. He has written numerous IP publications edited both in Hungary and abroad. At our office he is the Project Manager of the BIOPATENT Center. Currently he is the Honorary Chairman of the Hungarian Association of Cross Country. Languages: Hungarian, English, German.

Kinga Paczolay


European Patent Attorney

She is a Chemical Engineer, and a Biological Engineer. She earned her degrees at the Technical University, Budapest in 1986. She has become a Patent Lawyer after graduating the ELTE University of Science, Faculty of Law in 1989. She is a registered Hungarian Patent Attorney since then. She has more than 15-year experience in chemical research and developments, she is a professional for biotechnology and environmental protection. She has expertise also in trademarks and designs. Besides working as a European Patent Attorney, she is a practicing European Trademark and Design Attorney. She is married and has four children, so she suspended her activity. Languages: Hungarian, English and German.

Zsófia Pintz

Zsófia (Sophie) PINTZ

Head of Patent Department
Patent attorney trainee

Sophie got his master’s degree in engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After that, she pursued further studies at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office. She acquired legal experience in Washington, München and Budapest. As leader of the Patent Department at Pintz & Partners LLC she helps more than a hundred startups or smaller companies per year regarding IP matters. In the summer of 2016, she launched IP lectures aiming at this audience to raise IP awareness among the most important target audiences. These lectures quickly became very popular.

Nóra Lazányi


Patent attorney trainee

Nora graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a physicist. She has been working at Pintz & Partners LLC since 2016. Since then, she has been learning the deals of the trade from the most experienced patent attorneys. Besides that, she is also actively learning at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office’s course for patent attorneys. A lot of patent searches have been performed and a lot of patent application have already been created by her.

Máté Bede

Dr. Máté BEDE

Head of Trademark Department
Attorney at Law
European Trademark and Design Attorney

He is a legal, trademark, design and copyright advisor at our office, with comprehensive knowledge on domain disputes. He is also a member of the patent litigation team. He earned his degree at PPKE University Budapest, Faculty of Law. Languages: Hungarian, English, German, French.


Márk Kovács

dr. Mark KOVÁCS

Head of European Trademark Department
Legal associate

Mark is the leader of the European Trademark Team of the Trademark Department. His main expertise is trademark and copyright law. In addition, he usually provides personal advice regarding effetive brand protection strategies and takes an active part in opposition and litigation cases. He graduated from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. During his university years, he gained valuable experience in several areas of law through his internships making him comfortable with solving complex legal problems. He regularly attends to Pintz & Partners LLC’s IP lectures to answer questions and give expert advice.

Péter Szaniszlai


Legal associate

Peter is an associate lawyer specialized in trademarks and information technology law. His daily work covers the international protection of brands and innovative technologies. With high level of English, Japanese, and Chinese language proficiency and as an expert in international and Japanese law, he is responsible for the East-Asian relations of the office. After graduating from ELTE University’s Faculty of Law in Hungary, he completed his graduate studies (LL.M., Ph.D.) and worked as a researcher in Japan with the support of Japanese Government Scholarship. He is the member of the Japanese Society for Comparative Law and a presenter at their yearly conference. He actively participates in the development of our online services. In this quality, he mostly deals with the legal protection of software and domains.

Dániel Nagy

dr. Daniel NAGY

Legal associate

After graduating from ELTE University’s Faculty of Law in Hungary, Daniel worked at various state offices and law firms before joining Pintz and Partners in 2017. During his daily work he deals with a wide range of intellectual property rights, taking advantage of his diverse legal knowledge and experience.


Adam Szalai


Head of Business Development
Master of Economics

Adam acquired his degrees at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He finds it a great challenge to work in the specialized field of intellectual property which is an interesting blend of economics, legal and engineering professions. He also gained valuable experience in the market introduction of innovative products and services, negotiation and presentation techniques; he worked in the USA és participated in several INTA Annual meetings. During his work, he became a specialist regarding trademarks, domains, branding, online marketing and SEO. So he can not only help in building a brand, but also in increasing its value.

Júlia Kiss


Patent and Trademark secretary

Julia graduated from ELTE as a Philologist in English and Scandinavian Studies. After starting at Pintz & Partners LLC in 2015, she utilized her fast learning capability and language skills to quickly gain valuable experience. This, combined with her problem solving and communication skills makes her a valuable associate who can efficiently handle any client’s needs.

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